Exhibitors have the opportunity to earn points for participating in every event at the ABC Junior Show.  Exhibitors compete within their age division.  The Exhibitor in each division with the most points at the conclusion of the show will be awarded with a custom ABC Junior Show belt buckle. The Top Gun Award winners will be announced at the conclusion of the Steer show.


Points will be awarded as follows:


10 points for show entry


15 points for Exhibitor Games participation


10 points for taking Skillathon


50 points for First Place (Division) Skillathon winner


40 points for Second Place (Division) Skillathon winner


30 points for participating in Showmanship

30 points for participating in Team Fit Out

20 points for winning Team Fit Out


10 points for winning Showmanship Heat


50 points for Division Showmanship winner


75 points for Overall Showmanship winner


Heifer, Steer, Market Heifers, and Bred & Owned Class Placement

  • First- 20 points

  • Second- 17 points

  • Third- 16 points

  • Fourth- 15 points

  • Fifth- 14 points

  • Sixth- 13 points

  • Division Champion- 40 points

  • Reserve Division Champion- 30 points


Top 5 Heifer and Steer Placement

  • Overall Heifer/Steer- 75 points

  • Reserve Overall Heifer/Steer- 60 points

  • Third Overall Heifer/Steer- 55 points

  • Fourth Overall Heifer/Steer- 45 points

  • Fifth Overall Heifer/Steer- 35 points


Crossbred Steer Placement:  Points will be given to the Top 5 Steers in each weight division (Light weight, Middle weight & Heavy weight)

  • Champion- 10 points

  • Reserve Champion- 9 points

  • Third- 8 points

  • Fourth- 7 points

  • Fifth- 6 points